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AADO Changes its Name to Union of American Eye Care Providers

AADO Hires Washington D.C. Anti-Trust Attorney David Balto, Esq.

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Our Mission

The mission of the AADO is to improve the quality of eye care in America by removing barriers to the delivery of optometric care and restoring competition among eye care providers.


Achieving that goal requires eliminating the impediments to quality care currently and increasingly being built into today's health care delivery system, and removing the burdensome and oppressive rules that prevent eye care providers from delivering quality and cost effective care. These impediments have been created principally by third party payers such as vision care plans and medical insurers, largely through their increasing exercise over how individual practices operate. These plans are motivated and have every reason to make access to quality eye care difficult and to stifle competition among providers (for instance, by requiring all providers to use the same set of commercial labs to fabricate materials, restricting the ability of individual providers to determine their own billing policies, or setting required discount rates and prohibiting providers from setting their own rates). This results in lowered utilization by plan beneficiaries and increased profits for the plans, and reduces competition, inevitably leading to lower quality and/or increased costs to consumers.


Today, more than ever before, the Affordable Care Act is making more and more Americans dependent on third party payers for their eye care. At the same time, Doctors of Optometry, trained to provide exceptional eye care, face increasingly unfair treatment, onerous contract provisions, and inadequate reimbursement by third party payers. Instead of promoting quality, third-party payer contracts and their treatment of eye care providers is directly interfering with the ability of eye care providers to deliver competitive, quality, care to those that need it. Therefore, specifically, the Mission of the American Association of Doctors of Optometry is: 


  • To improve the quality and accessibility of optometric care available to the public;
  • To improve public recognition and public knowledge of the optometric profession and the professional services provided by optometrists across the United States;
  • To enhance competition by promoting access of optometrists to, and fair and equal treatment of optometrists by, third party payer plans;
  • To ensure that provider agreements with doctors of optometry are made and performed fairly and in good faith, and do not unduly interfere with the practices of individual providers;
  • To convey the exceptional clinical skills and abilities of doctors of optometry and the full scope of optometric practice to the public, regulators, third party payers, the government, and others, and ensure recognition of those skills and abilities


To achieve its mission, the American Association of Doctors of Optometry will, through the financial contributions of its members, seek to do the following:


  • Fund a multi-year, nationwide, public relations campaign to change the public perception of optometrists from the doctors that they go to for their "glasses and contact lenses" to the doctors they think about and go to for the care and treatment of all their eye problems. Advertising will emphasize that Doctors of Optometry are the primary providers of medical eye care in the United States, and treat virtually all non-surgical injuries and diseases of the eye and surrounding tissues.
  • Retain experts and lobbyists to represent the interests of optometrists in contract negotiations with third party payers, seeking to increase access and achieve fee parity with others that provide the same services.
  • Pursue legal enforcement of state and federal laws that are in place but which are generally ignored by third party payers and vision plans.
  • Pursue legal action to invalidate and/or prevent the enforcement or implementation of unfair policies and practices unilaterally imposed upon network providers by third party payers and vision plans.